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Emtropy is the Rolls Royce of all the CX solutions we have seen!– Sergi, Director of CX


"Emtropy has enabled our team managers with the insights needed to coach their team to deliver an outstanding, consistent experience. The ability of our agents to hone in on specific soft skills has enabled them to communicate with maximum efficacy."– Traci, Director Of Membership Services


"Emtropy helped maintain the quality of our agents' actions as our team rapidly grew. Team managers and QA spend less time reviewing individual contacts, and more time developing our agents' skills."– Michael, Quality Assurance Specialist

Scalable, 100% Coverage, Unbiased Insights

Powerful AI-powered insights trained on millions of customer interactions.
Gain 100% visibility into customer experience
Gain 100% visibility into customer experience

Continuous and automatic analysis

Lower Customer Support Costs
Lower Customer Support Costs

Automatic scoring of 100% of conversations without additional headcount.

Increase Brand Loyalty
Increase Brand Loyalty

Improve customer service to defend your brand.


Seamless integrations with your help desk platforms to enable timely insights.

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