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Your customer churn, agent performance and coaching insights powered by AI & delivered in real-time. No more expensive and delayed audits.
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Elevate your support with 100% AutoQA

Emtropy helps drive superior agent performance and lower churn by analyzing 100% of your customer interactions.


What We Do

Supercharge your QA

     Supercharge your QA

Lightning-fast evaluations using both automated and manual scorecards. No more expensive and delayed audits.

Data-driven Coaching

         Coaching Loops

Asynchronous video feedback and coaching using latest performance insights

Prevent Customer Churn

Prevent Customer Churn

Instant detection and notification of escalations

Compliance Monitoring

Compliance Monitoring

Your Zero Tolerance policy, Trust and Safety Violations - all in one place.

How We Do It

Tens of models on multi-lingual and multi-modal data

Automate 80% of your scorecards in one week. Proprietary AI to detect emotion, behaviors and sentiment of your agents and customers
Elevate the voice of your customers with speech analytics
100% Coverage, Unbiased Insights & Easily Scalable

100% Coverage, Unbiased Insights & Easily Scalable

Delightful experience for all levels in the company - from agents to QA leads to supervisors to executives


Seamless integrations with all leading
support and survey platforms



"Emtropy is the Rolls Royce of all the CX Solutions we have seen!"
– Sergi, Director CX
"Team managers and QA spend less time reviewing individual contacts & more time developing our agents' skills."
– Michael, Quality Assurance Specialist
"The ability of our agents to hone in on specific soft skills has enabled them to communicate with maximum efficacy."
– Traci, Director Of Membership Services
"Emtropy gives us Insight into how different team members are doing in terms of CS."
– Mikey, Project Lead
"It helps me stay mindful of what I say and how I say it, and for the most part clearly outlines where I can improve myself."
– Eric, Customer Support Associate
"A Scary Useful App"
– Zendesk
"New and Noteworthy Apps of 2021"
– Intercom

Power up to Elite CS Performance